The Flawed Housing Initiative will make California’s housing crisis even worse

California faces an unprecedented housing crisis.

But the flawed Rental Housing Initiative is not a solution and will only make the crisis worse. This initiative:

  • DOES NOT increase funding for affordable housing
  • DOES NOT facilitate building housing that local communities have already approved
  • DOES NOT provide immediate relief for people facing high housing costs

Californians for Affordable Housing, sponsored by the California Rental Housing Association strongly opposes this flawed initiative.

Lowers Property Values

The non-partisan independent Legislative Analyst’s Office found that rent control reduces property values, not only for the properties under rent control, but also the properties in the vicinity of those under rent control. This in turn, reduces the property tax revenues the state receives, creating pressure on state and local governments to increase taxes to make up for the loss of tax dollars.

Creates New Unelected Bureaucracy

The initiative empowers more than 500 unelected rent boards and commissions to impose new rent regulations and fees on housing without a local vote of the people or even approval of the elected city officials. Even worse, there’s no limit on how high they can drive up fees, making housing more expensive.

Applies to Single Family Homes

The initiative will allow price controls on single family homes, condominiums and even rooms for rent when an owner decides to rent a room or home in the future. It will reduce the amount of long-term housing available to renters as homeowners will be encouraged to convert their properties to more profitable uses, like condominiums and short-term vacation rentals, which will drive prices even higher and make the housing shortage much worse.

Get Involved

Californians for Affordable Housing, sponsored by the California Rental Housing Association is committed to protecting housing in California. We urge you to join us in the fight. We must defeat this initiative. It is bad for the economy, bad for housing and bad for California. Sign up to join us and receive updates throughout the campaign.

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In addition to the California Rental Housing Association, the rental housing initiative is opposed by:

  • California Business Roundtable
  • California Chamber of Commerce
  • California Business Properties Association
  • Family Business Association of California
  • The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
  • California Taxpayer Protection Committee
  • And dozens more local taxpayer groups, chambers and business groups

Stops Growth

Local initiatives in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Monica threaten to implement vacancy control, which could severely diminish investment in maintenance, rehabilitation and growth.

No State Oversight

Unelected rent boards proposed in cities like Long Beach would be empowered to impose new rent control regulations and fees without a local vote of the people or even approval of elected city officials.

Less Revenue for State and Local Government

This measure will lead to more than $5.7 billion in lost economic output, more than 38,000 jobs lost, and combined state and local revenue losses of up to $1.3 billion annually due to reduced property values and less construction-related economic activity in the state.